One of our key areas is attracting financing for business, as well as implementing investment projects, both outside Ukraine and on its territory.

Our services in this area include:

  • assessment of current opportunities for attracting external financing;
  • strategy adjustment, business restructuring;
  • development of an effective scheme for attracting financing;
  • due diligence of business;
  • search for a source of financing, lending (investors, buyers, banks, etc.);
  • structuring the transaction and developing measures to minimize risks;
  • full legal support for the transaction, including the preparation of the entire package of documents;
  • complex support in case of partial or complete sale of business through IPO, Private Placement, M & A (mergers and acquisitions);

Our strength lies in the fact that the consultant to you comes not alone.

We have an access to a wide range of high-level specialists in all sorts of spheres. This means that you will not get one narrow specialist, but the whole team behind him. Our international experts are from various industries and businesses, from within know the emerging difficulties and practice the development path.

As a result, we successfully manage the set objectives together.