There are the factors that force to seek alternative ways to save your capital, such as an unstable situation in financial markets, restrictions imposed by National banks and a complex political situation.

Alternative investments are an unconventional form of investment that is relevant for those who have the intention to successfully determine available funds or diversify their investment portfolio.

To our clients we offer the following directions of alternative investment:

1. Investment in gold as an instrument for moving capital from the CIS countries to Europe.

Investments in gold have always been and are the most reliable.

We offer our clients an already proven and efficiently working simple instrument – buying and selling investment gold.

Buying gold allows you to convert your savings into a stable European currency, which you can legally dispose of on the territory of any country.


  • all operations with gold in the EU are not taxed;
  • security, legality and efficiency of the transaction;
  • confidentiality in the purchase, storage and sale;
  • the ability to make a deal to individuals and companies in any jurisdiction;
  • the possibility of buying and selling gold for Bitcoin.

And the global advantage is: when gold is sold, money is legalized in Europe.

Ways of buying and selling gold are very diverse and convenient. We will determine the best way for you.

For you we carry out the full organization of the whole process and constant support at all stages.


2. Crypto-currency

A tool that is very popular nowadays, but because of the huge number of proposals, it is difficult to determine where the proposal is and where it is not.

Our team includes experts and practitioners who have participated independently in major projects for mining and investment, so we have extensive experience in these areas. Based on this, we will help resolve such issues as:

  • Selection of the crypto currency for investment and its purchase.
  • Selection of tools for mining, choice of strategy, selection of premises, adjustment and assembly, maintenance and management.
  • Sales of crypto currency in a format convenient for the client.


3. Assets of the art market.

It can be antiques, rare books, ornaments, various works of art: sculptures, paintings, porcelain, icons and much more. Such an exotic direction as wine investments, as well as numismatic collections, antique vintage cars, stamp collections, other similar objects that can eventually generate income, are also suitable for this role.

At all times, and especially during periods of political and moral crises, people turned to art.

Our team really like this direction. We always learn a lot, because this is a direct investment in our own value for the market and the client. In turn, “art requires knowledge” – so said Berthold Brecht.

We actively involve the best experts in the art direction and are very pleased with the way this tool works in the portfolios of our clients.

We see that this is one of the few types of investments that, if successful, will bring not only a serious income, but also emotional satisfaction from owning something truly great and beautiful.