Confidentiality and planning are the most important elements for building a competent solution for asset protection.

Our task is to take a set of measures, instruments, methods aimed at excluding or minimizing tax, bankrupt, criminal and legal risks for the owner of the business (beneficiary) and (or) the company in advance.

The set of actions for the protection of assets includes: creating rules for the inheritance of property; planning the disposal of pension savings; mechanism for the distribution of current payments between participants; prevention of the risk of assets’ loss in wasteful use and others.

The most reliable way to protect assets is to “break” the bond between the owner and the asset.

That is very difficult, to make sure that there is no formal connection between them, and to prove that in fact there is. A working tool is to discrete funds and trusts.

Moreover, both the trust and the private foundation are instruments that solve far more tasks than just asset protection.

Therefore, the initially structuring of the fund and trust can become a long-term solution to many of the tasks related to the ownership.