Investment management strategies of PAF Advisers are aimed at a wide range of financial assets.

Management strategies are formed on an individual basis, depending on the goals and opportunities of each Client.

Asset management services are carried out on the personal accounts of the Clients on the basis of external consulting / management by experts of PAF Advisers (External Asset Management). Accounts of AA rating in the banks of Switzerland, Austria, Great Britain, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Singapore or their opening.

Based on an exclusive analysis of the current market situation, our specialists will take the following steps:

  • determine the overall investment strategy for you and your family;
  • establish clear criteria when choosing an investment strategy;
  • will reveal the widest possible range of opportunities in terms of the “risk-return” ratio;
  • organize a loan against the security of assets on favorable terms for you;
  • will provide constant control of investments, based on the constant analysis and control of all your investments.