At the stage of establishing a business, it is not always possible to create a truly competent asset management and management structure. Our specialists implement a range of solutions, both in the effective organization of a new business, and in the restructuring of an existing one.

These services include:

  • creation of an optimal business structure, which may include operating and holding companies, trusts, funds (for both personal and family assets);
  • ensuring absolute confidentiality of information on the structure and its beneficiaries (if necessary);
  • full support and preparation of a package of documents for opening accounts (cumulative, investment, transactional) in foreign banks, taking into account your goals, requirements and business specifics;
  • consultations on various aspects of taxation depending on jurisdiction: compliance with legislative standards, optimization of tax flows, preparation and filing of tax reports;
  • consultations, preparation, delivery of financial statements, audit;
  • legal support for all decisions taken;
  • differentiation of personal and business assets.

There is a significant difference between “just owning” and “multiplying” capital. It consists in the ability to confidently use simple resources available to you with the most accurate predictions of the future situation.